Recovery Suites

Stock Exchanges and other Financial Institutions have hot site disaster plans in case of primary system failures at corporate locations, with very little interruption.

A "hot site" is a duplicate of the original data site, with redindant computer systems as well as near-complete backups of user data. Following a disaster, the "hot site" enables business to relocate with minimal losses to normal operations. Ideally, a hot site will be up and running within a matter of hours.

HotSiteDataCenter® now offers solutions to implement disaster recovery even for small to medium sized businesses. You can setup an office to another branch or even your home business.

The purpose of our business continuity services is to provide businesses with affordable options for disaster recovery testing, or worst case, real-life disasters. As part of this service, customers reserve disaster recovery suites and applicable technology infrastructure to be used in the event of a declared disaster.

Our recovery suites are specially designed work centers acting as temporary office space, executive meeting rooms, training centers, processing centers, or call centers.

Recovery Suites Include:
  • Secure/keycard entry
  • Cubicles w/workstations
  • Workstation customization
  • Conference table with power and networking for laptops
  • Telecommunication with redundant VoIP gateway servers are available for automatic
    failover to our recovery suites should a customers facility suffer an outage.
  • Internet availability with secure WiFi
  • Custom private network configuration options
  • Server cabinets with POE network switches
  • All suites served by UPS and generator backup power
  • Optional loaner servers
  • Office Supplies / white board
  • Refrigerator, coffee pot, & stereo/CD player
  • Break room with food & snacks

    Typical Recovery Suite Configurations:
    Small Business Suite - (up to 8 person occupancy)
    Executive Suite - (up to 15 person occupancy)
    Small Workgroup Suite - (up to 20 person occupancy)
    Corporate Workgroup Suite - (up to 40 person occupancy)
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